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flotillaAre you looking for a thrilling, motivating  and energetic incentive trip or event? A corporate flotilla sailing cruise or regatta is the winning idea.

While immersed in breathtaking seascapes and involved in exciting activities, participants will build up team spirit, sense of belonging and corporate pride, with a high impact on the company’s image.


Sailing is widely recognized as a great way to strengthen team relationships between people with different backgrounds and personalities. In a competitive environment your team will learn how to communicate and work better while at the same time have fun. The final result is a stronger team capable of achieving ambitious business results!


All the projects are led by experienced skippers on board who will present the team with skills of boat steering, sails trimming and navigation. At the end of each day, briefing will be given to point out the good things as well as to discuss areas that need improvement.


The flotilla is always followed by a support boat, for technical assistance and fully equipped for the races (with buoys, flags, horn, ect.) in case of regattas. Every day the base staff will plan the best itinerary and race course according to the weather and the participants seamanship (because the weather conditions change, it is necessary to optimize the courses every day). The staff will also take care of the races departure and arrival procedures, times measurement and yardstick ratings for each boat in order to set a final ranking list when required.

Thanks to local contacts in the cruising area, marinas and restaurants along the itinerary can be booked for your group and also a final dinner or price-giving cocktail.


The best times of the year to organize this type of events in the Mediterranean Sea are spring and autumn: weather conditions are ideal for some real sailing, marinas are not crowded and charter prices are at their lowest.


Two great areas where to host this type of events are North-East Sardinia and Croatia, that offer ideal sailing conditions and a wide yacht selection. If you want to arrange a monotype regatta, Croatia is the right choice, with several monotype fleets located in different bases from North to South.


What is of utter importance is to book well in advance (at least 6 months, ideally more), otherwise it will be impossible to find exactly the right boats in the right dates.


We’ll work closely with you in order to find out your wishes and create the perfect corporate event for your company. Please contact us at to let us know your needs and request an offer.

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