Last Minute Charter in Maldives

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M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA – Last Minute Availability

DK-PW-13Many of you may still be experiencing a snowy winter, but warmer weather is just around the corner. If you are itching to dive the crystal clear waters like we are, you’re not far away from reaching the world’s most amazing DIVING destination. Come along, experience the ultimate diving cruise adventures with Maldives Leading Cruiser M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA – A lifestyle of Splendor!

We are Please to inform you that after several stop sales and due last minute cancellations we are having few dates available at our exclusive cruise M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA  as follows:

MARCH    –  From 18 – 31 Mar, 2014

APRIL       –  From 01 – 30 Apr, 2014

MAY        –  From 01 – 31 May, 2014DK-PW-39

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Pirate Battle Week – Split Croatia

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1313741908gusarska_noc_omis1_601913332Pirate battle week – 16.-23.8.

DubrovnikSplit route

Romanca is a part of the Omiš pirate battle every year on August 18th. It is a tradition that is very important for the boat.

Romanca has been a part of it for years, and it is always on national television.

The guests have a choice to stay on the boat and be a part of the show, in which case we organize pirate costumes for them. We organize dinner in a great restaurant called Radmanove mlinice, so if the guests would prefer not to be on the boat during the show, they can stay at the restaurant or in the city.

The event lasts 3 hours, from 7 to 10 PM.

The guests on Romanca in 2013 were a part of the battle, and they really enjoyed it.

This is a great opportunity participate in something unique.


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Sailing in Croatia

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Rent a boat for the most rewarding cruise you could ever dream of.

Croatia has always been considered a paradise for boating holidays, and this is surely the most suitable definition for this area of the Adriatic Sea.

005_Dalmazia_BrelaAn endless number of islands create a continuum of archipelagos, all different from each other and all utterly charming.

The history of navigation has left its marks everywhere on the mainland coast and on the islands. Everything here shows the ancient symbiosis between man and the sea, from the poor life of the fishermen, up to the glitz of the rich international traders.








Along the coasts of Dalmatia we can trace the history that goes from the first ancient Greek and Roman cultures, arriving to the latest fingerprints of the Maritime Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.









But what most attracts sailors is the peculiarity of the landscape, the easy and pleasant sailing conditions and the innumerable bays and harbors. Facilities and services to yachtsmen are always great and widely scattered in more than hundred marinas.

The sea is clean and transparent like in few other places in the Mediterranean Sea.
For those wishing to rent a boat here, thousands of yachts are available from North to South.

Furthermore Croatia is easily accessible by plane from many European airports and by ferry from the Italian coast.


Easter Regatta – Vodice – Croatia

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Dear friends of sailing and the Easter Regatta,
IMG_5373Celebrating the 18th anniversary is a huge accomplishment and a testament to our great sailing tradition. Our Easter Regatta has reached the age of majority of which we are extremely proud and also happy that the years of effort and investment in a unique sailing
spectacle on the Adriatic have been recognized by sailors and our partners. It was not always easy to organize a competition that has raised new standards within the region with its sporting features, but we have never had a problem with pulling up our sleeves to organize our favourite ‘Easter’ event.

IMG_5551The enthusiasm and hard work of numerous associates and friends of our regatta is clearly shown in a perfectly organized competition which opens the new nautical season in a particularly beautiful special way. I thank with all of my heart. With all my heart I wish to thank those who have contributed to the success of our regatta and it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us again in Vodice in this April and to be part of the upcoming event and, as always, the within a unique atmosphere as always. To our sailors and all participants of the Easter Regatta, I wish you many memorable moments at sea and on land, fair winds and a great competition seas. May the best team win!
Direktor regate Regatta CEO
Petar Paštrovi?


Wednesday – April, 9th 2014

5-10 p.m. Registration


Thursday – April, 10th 2014

8:30 a.m.    Skippers meeting

10:00 a.m.  Regatta start – “Upwind-downwind” race(s)

3-5 p.m.      Lunch, “Konoba Gušte”

8 p.m.,         Party- wine, prosciutto and cheese, tavern in the Hotel Olympia


Friday – April, 11th 2014

08.30 a.m. Skippers meeting

10 a.m. Regatta start – Offshore race

03.00-05.00 p.m. Lunch, “Konoba Gušte”

7:30 p.m. Exhibition opening (Damil Kalogjera), Hotel Olympia

8 p.m. Plavac wine party, in the tavern of the Hotel Olympia


Saturday – April, 12th 2014

08.30 a.m. Skippers meeting

10 a.m. Regatta start – “Upwind-downwind” race(s)

02.30 p.m. Winners champagne

03.00-05.00 p.m. Lunch, “Konoba Gušte”


8 p.m. Closing ceremony and dinner at Hotel Olympia

Midnight – “Šupuk cup”at the swimming pool, Hotel Olympia

For infos

Phone: +385 98 63 63 581

Direktor regate: Petar Paštrovi?
Predsjednik regatnog odbora: Vladimir Wagner
Glavni premjera?: Denis Marinov, 091 530 7146
Predsjednik Odbora za prosvjede: Daroslav Makjani?, 099 7019 292
Press centar: Branka Pani?, 099 3721 377
Tajnik regate: Sanja Brozovi?, 098 380 900

Boat rental in Italy – Aeolian Islands – Panarea

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The Aeolian Islands are named after the ancient Greek God Aeolus and they are well known as the seven pearls of the Mediterranean Sea.


hotel-liscabianca-panarea(7)The narrow little streets of Panarea, accessible on foot only, create a cozy ambience so that in no time you feel at home and make friends with locals. This is why, every time the ferry arrives in the small harbor of St. Peter, a lot of people come to greet those leaving or to welcome those arriving.

Panarea, despite being the smallest island of the archipelago, is the most popular one, particularly among young people, due to its very lively nightlife.

panarea1The island in winter has just over 300 residents, but in summer you can find all facilities, from Medical  first aid,  ATM, shops, bars, restaurants and a nightclub that is among the most famous in the Mediterranean Sea.


cala-junco-panareaThe island has a few beaches that can be reached on foot, including one of the few sandy beaches in all the Aeolian Islands, but there are lots more beaches on the several small islet all around which are only reachable by boat.



To enjoy the Aeolian Islands at best you can either rent a bareboat yacht in Sicily or Calabria or charter one of the many crewed gulets, yachts and catamarans cruising in this charming spot of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Yacht charter in San Blas: the best Caribbean sea … by boat

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image11851One of the most charming and virgin places in the Caribbean sea, San Blas in Panama – Guna Yala – in Guna language.

Since we discovered it, we try to attract travelers interested in one of the most incredible and unknowns places in the Caribbean sea and, maybe, in the world.


A place made to sail, to dive, to fish and to relax in transparent and crystalline waters full of coralline barriers.

A constant temperature year round (30º C), the perfect islands, an Indian community still with their own culture, costumes and style of life, immutable in the last centuries.


The islands of the San Blas Archipelago are strung out along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border. San Blas is a series of 365 islands of which only few are habited by the Guna Indians. Although only a 20-minute plane ride away from Panama City, a trip to the San Blas islands will transport you centuries into the past. The Guna Indians, who run all the islands as an autonomous province with minimal interference from the national government, have maintained their own economic system, language, customs and culture, with distinctive dress, legends, music and dance and thus have avoided traditional tourism development.

image3271The economy of the islands is based on coconut sales, fishing and tourism, and they offer travellers good snorkelling and swimming. Facilities are few and simple, as is the food. The area is surrounded by reefs, some of the oldest in the world, and offer wonderful snorkelling opportunities.


image3211San Blas is famous for one of its arts and crafts, the mola. Guna women make rainbow colored fabrics, emblazoned with fish, birds, jungle animals and geometric designs. The men still fish from canoes as they did before Columbus came. They still run up to the corner coconut palm trees for something fresh and cool to drink each morning, just as they have for untold centuries.

San Blas islands have been selected as “one of the two best sailing destinations in the world” by several of the most important nautical magazines. San Blas offers pristine nature, without any cruise ships or touristic resorts.

How to get to San Blas Islands

By Airplane:  AIR PANAMA  has daily flights from Albrook Airport n Panama City, to San Blas: El Porvenir  (30 min. Fly).

By Car: The ride takes two-and-a-half hours by 4×4 truck from Panama City to Cartí. Daily rides available.

Let us know if you need more information about  transfers from and to San Blas


Boating Holidays on the French inland waterways

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We can offer a range of  hire boats on France’s most beautiful canals and all the advice that you may need to choose the perfect boating holiday on the French inland waterways.

In Burgundy, we rent Boats on the Canal du Nivernais, River Yonne and Canal de Bourgogne, and in the south of France we offer Boat rental on the Canal du Midi.



Burgundy is one of the most famous and beautiful regions of France, with the Canal du Nivernais and Canal de Bourgogne offering some of the most attractive canal & river cruising to be found anywhere in the world.preambule-loire-bourgogne
Add to this Burgundy’s reputation for fine wine such as Chablis & Sancerre and it’s gastronomy and you have the perfect ingredients for a most memorable French boating holiday.

The base at Vermenton is ideally placed for you to discover the rustic charm of the canal du Nivernais.
The Nivernais is often described as France’s most beautiful canal, a reputation that is well deserved.
The fine wines and excellent restaurants also merit a similar reputation and the regional cuisine is not to be missed.
Vermenton not only offers the Nivernais, but also gives access to the River Yonne and the stunning medieval city of Auxerre.



Cruising Suggestions for 1 week

Return Cruises
Canal du Nivernais:
. Vermenton – Auxerre – Clamecy and return
. Vermenton – Clamecy – Tannay and return
Canal du Nivernais/Yonne:
. Vermenton – Auxerre – Joigny and return
One-Way Cruise
Canal du Nivernais/Yonne :
. Vermenton – Auxerre – Joigny – Laroche – St Florentin

St Florentin – Canal de Bourgogne

St Florentin is a bustling town with many shops and restaurants, and is the gateway to the green and undulating countryside that characterises the Canal de Bourgogne.
Skirting the Chablis wine vineyards the Canal de Bourgogne meanders through green pastures and is studded with many historic towns and Chateaux.
Opportunities abound to step ashore and to sample the excellent local food and wines.
The river Yonne is also accessable from St Florentin and is perfect for those who also enjoy river cruising.

bourgogne2bisCruising Suggestions for 1 week
Return Cruises
Canal de Bourgogne:
. St Florentin – Tonnerre – Ancy le Franc – Rougemont and return
Canal de Bourgogne/Yonne:
. St Florentin – Joigny – Sens – Pont sur Yonne and return

One-way Cruise
Canal de Bourgogne/Yonne:
. St Florentin – Laroche – Joigny – Auxerre – Vermenton

Canal du Midi

preambule-aquitaineThe Canal du midi, the most famous canal in the world, together with the medieval city of Carcassonne have both acheived UNESCO world heritage status- a tribute to their historic and natural beauty.
Linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi runs through beautiful hills in the shadows of the Pyrenees.
It then passes tantalizingly close to the Mediterranean in the Camargue.
Cruising by boat along the canal there are many ancient towns and villages, where you can discover many hidden treasures, together with local gastronomic and cultural delights.

carte-canal-midiMidi – Capestang

The base at Capestang is on the « Grand Bief » a 54km lock free section that runs between Beziers and Argens.
From here a cruise to the stunning medieval city of Carcassone is not to be missed.
Meandering along the foot of the black mountains the midi is surrounded by vineyards that come right down to the waters edge.midi5
There are numerous canal side villages and restaurants and the ever present Mediterranean sun.  Equally alluring is the Camargue and the Etang du Thau.
As well as return cruises, we offer the possibility of one way cruises between Capestang and Port Lauragais.

midi5bisCruising Suggestions
Return Cruises
1 week : Homps – Carcassonne or Béziers – Marseillan
2 weeks : Narbonne – Homps – Castelnaudary

One-way Cruise*
1 week : Capestang – Port Lauragais
*Subject to special conditions : contact us !

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Better a boat rental in “Early-booking” or in “Last-moment” ?

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Gulet_in_GreeceIs true that there is sometimes better discount in “last-moment”, but this did not worked at all last year because the European flights to Greece become so expensive in the last moment!
Example : no possible to find a flight for less than 1000 Euro, and now is around 200 or less.


So much better to use the actual “Early-booking” discount combined with flights at their lower price!

December is the last month to apply “Early-booking” discount for yacht charter.

That’s why is now the time to book a private gulet charter in the Greek islands

with InterCharter


Visiting Premium Winemakers by Yacht in Croatia 2° by Intercharter

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Secret charms of Hvar terroir by renting a boat

ivo-dubokovic-wine-jelsa-1History of the winery

Ivo Bubrovic produces supreme quality dalmatians wines. The winery was built in 1939 as a part of family house. Aware the quality of family wineyards located on exquisite locations, Dubokovic, with assistance of his cousin Ivo Barbic, who is in professional winemaking bisiness in Switzerland, went on a quest to make a top quality wine. He succeeded. The quality launched his wine high in the world of wines. The Dubokovic winery offers ten wine sorts and soon shall have eleventh – rosé of plavac Mali. This family winery makes 30000 bottles a year.

272521About winery

Winery offers sightseeing winery tours, which can host events with a capacity of maximum 30 people. The winery does not contain hosting facility, thought in the port of Jelsa next to the berths, mr & mrs Jones restaurant is located offering Bubokovic wines and olive oils. Guests arriving to Jelsa by boat can anchor in the port. The closest petrol station is only 400 mt away. Jelsa also offers heliport.

Winery opens as per request, so it is best to make a reservation by phone a few days before arrival. Also guests arriving to Hvar can contact agency Hvar Tours, which organizes winery visits and wine tasting tours.


Maximum anchoring depth 3.5 mt, 22 boats of max 35 mt.

To rent a boat and reach Jelsa during a splendid cruise in Croatia, please contact  InterCharter

Catamaran Lagoon 570 for charter in Greece (bareboat or crewed)

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Lagoon 570 | Dragoon One

*by Dragoon One staff

Dragoon One is a Lagoon catamaran with a length overall of 17 meters and a width of 9 meters.lagoon570

It’s possible to rent Dragoon One with a crew consisting of his captain for a perfect navigation and the hostess taking care of the internal management and for the kitchen or Bare Boat with only a sailor on board (included in price) for navigational support.

A holiday on Dragoon One ensures high comfort and a high level of service.

The port of departure of Dragoon One for 2014 season is the Greek port of Messolonghi, 40 km away from the port of Patras for those who come by boat from Bari / Brindisi and 70 km from Patras Araxos airport served by Ryanair. The yacht’s staff will take care of transportation to and from the port of arrival . The navigation area is mainly the Ionian Greece but the strategic location allows easy access to the Aegean Sea through the Strait of Corinth. Therefore, the possible routes are as follows:charter_grecia

  • Ionian Islands : Zakynthos, Lefkada, Kefalonia
  • Peloponnese and Kythira Islands , Alonissos and Crete
  • archipelago of Sporades : Alonissos , Skiathos , Skopelos, Skyros
  • Cycladic Archipelago

The route will be arranged with Dragoon One’s guests  according to their preferences and available time.

Itinerary 1: Peloponnesse – Kythira – Elafonissos


Peloponnese Itinerary includes the departure from the port of Messolongi, stop at the island of Zakynthos which is only 30 nm away. the island offers secluded coves with clear water combined to the bright colors of nature and typical local villages. Overnight sail to the port of Pylos (55 mg) a nice caracteristic greek fishing harbor, where you can enjoy fresh fish and tzatziki. Then, cross towards to the islands of Alonissos and Kythira (70 nm), with their beautiful bays and beaches.

Itinerary 2: Aegean Islands


The itinerary in the Aegean Sea is one of the most charming and typical in Greece. It touches some of the most renouned islands but it is also the most challenging, only suitable to passengers who like to sail in strong wind, because of the constant presence of the  “Meltemi” that sweeps the Aegean Sea in the summer months. You can get to the Aegean Sea either through the Strait of Corinth (but there’s a fee to pay) or by circumnavigating the Peloponnese. The itinerary allows you to touch islands such as Milos, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, etc. ..

Itinerary 3: Sporades – Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros


If you are prepared to sail long distances and your charter lasts at least 2 weeks , this itinerary (400 nm) will take you to the fascinating Sporades islands, the most genuine and typical of Greece. These islands are full of hidden coves and fishing harbors, with a very lively night life. There are numerous bars, parties and cocktails on the beach at sunset. Must pass through the Strait of Corinth!

Itinerary 4: Ionian Island Corfù, Cefalonia, Zante, Lefkada, Itaca, Citera


Quiet itinerary that leaves more time for stops and does not require many sailing hours per day. The Ionian islands are all close together and distances never exceeded the 40 nm. There are many bays with crystal clear waters and many marinas where to moor and enjoy a fish dinner!

Itinerary 5: Dodecannese


This route sails long distances but it is of great satisfaction. It is not recommended during the months of July and August though, due to the Meltemi, making it difficult to sail the way back. The distances are long and require at least 24 h running of navigation. You’ll be able to touch also the beautiful coast of Turkey, with the characteristic harbors of Bodrum and Marmaris.

Info: InterCharter