A gulet vacation on the Dodecanese Islands

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Gulet Sailing Holidays


Kos and Rhodes are most famous islands from the Dodecanese group but this route is done on smaller islands that offer authentic Greece island vacation with historical sites, coastal villages and secluded coves


  • Length: 64.00 metres (210′)
  • Beam: 9.50 metres (31′ 2″)
  • Draft: 3.20 metres (10′ 6″)
  • Number of crew: 21
  • Built: 2011
  • Refit: 2013
  • Builder: Gdansk
  • Naval architect:
  • Flag: Maltese
  • Hull construction: Steel
  • Hull configuration: Displacement
  • Air conditioning, Deck Jacuzzi, Stabilisers at anchor, WiFi connection on board


  • Engines: Volvo Penta D16 MH 1×650 HP
    Generators: Volvo Penta D9 MG 2×200 KWA
  • Cruising speed: 8.5
  • Fuel consumption: 90 Litres/Hr


  • Number of cabins: 18
  • Cabin configuration: 9 Double, 9 Twin
  • Bed configuration:
  • Number of guests: 42


  • Tenders + toys: Arimar 6.7m
    capacity 16 pax with outboard Suzuki 115 HPViking 4.75m
    capacity 6 pax with outboard Yamaha 40 HPWater ski, windsurfs, kayaks, snorkeling

This gulet is a super-modern sail ship of the high ocean class, the unique technical features of which are confirmed by the US Patent Department.

This gulet possesses impetuous contour, full sailing equipment, and high-performance engine. It is a real cruise sailing ship of high ocean-going class +100 A5, modern and environmentally compatible. The ship’s draft is not larger than one of a middle-size yacht.

This gulet is a sailing ship of the 21st century. She combines forms of a classic clipper with modern rhythms of design engineering, however, her lines do not permit her to become a high-tech article.

Significant dimensions of the ship (length 64 meters and width 9 meters) accommodate up to 42 passengers in 18 cabins. Such size is ideal for a voyage where one may want to both be left alone and be part of a group.

Besides more generous cabin sizes, every passenger here enjoys three times more of the available open teakwood deck space than on ships of similar category. The ship has vast space of shaded areas, creating spacious shade zones on open decks.

A freshwater three-meter deep Jacuzzi-swimming pool is located in the fore of the ship. Accommodates 6 people. In the aft of the ship, navigation equipment is behind the command bridge, followed by the message center and the lounge zone. A tour of the command bridge can be arranged at passenger’s request. Then one may enjoy professional massage services in the massage parlor, followed by some downtime on a small sofa in the lounge area.

The restaurant located on the Main deck is ready to please the ship’s guests with delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine. A Fantastic Ocean Bar, located in front of the restaurant in the central part of the deck, offers refreshing drinks and stunning cocktails.

An observation deck in the fore of the ship is above the bowsprit, creating a feeling of flying over the water!

There are three categories of cabins: Mini-suites and Premium Class Cabins; Standard Cabins; Economy Class Cabins.

All cabins are fitted with air conditioners and heating, transmission from underwater and overwater cameras, as well as data from navigation devices, are broadcast from the conning room to the multifunction TV monitors in the cabins. An optimally crafted itinerary masterfully combines trips at sea, events onboard and excursions on land.




Swim platform

Diving center



Main deck dining

Main deck dining


Ocean Bar



Premium Class cabin

Premium Class cabin

Premium Class cabin

Premium Class cabin



Standard Class cabin

Economy Class cabin

Mediterranean cuisine


InterCharter by Arawak Sailing Club

www.intercharter.net – www.intercharter.com – www.arawak.it


via della Geppa, 19 Trieste, Italy

Cruise 3 weeks around the Aegean

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25/06/2016 UNTIL 16/07/2016


The ultimate experience for all the nature lovers has finally come. Whether you are a couple or a group of friends who wish to socialize and create unforgettable memories along with other people on a sailing boat, this is the perfect cruise to fulfill your wishes and live an amazing adventure. Set sail with a 50.5 ft. sailing boat and explore the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and its beauties, visiting the most of the Greek islands in just one trip. Make the best of the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful places of the world such as the Islands of Kea, Mykonos, Ikaria, Leros, Kos, Rhodes, Karpathos, Crete, Santorini, Ios and Kythnos all at once! Spend 3 weeks wandering around the GreekIslands and live an experience that you had never imagined. Enjoy the ancient monuments of Greece such as Knosos and visit the great volcano of Santorini. Go Greek for 3 Weeks and you will not regret it!


The selected ship of the above cruise is one of the biggest sailing vessels, our safe and luxurious Oceanis Family 50.5 ft.




  • 25/6 – Departure to Kea at 12:00. Arrival in Kea at 18:30 (Free schedule until the next day)
  • 26/6 – Departure to Syros at 13:00. Arrival in Syros at 19:30
  • 27/6 – Departure to Mykonos at 09:00. Arrival in Mykonos at 12:00
  • 28/6 – Free day in Mykonos
  • 29/6 – Departure to Ikaria at 10:00. Arrival in Armenistis at 16:30
  • 30/6 – Departure to Fournoi Ikarias at 09:00 to swim and enjoy the great environment of these small Islands. Arrival at 12:30 in Fournoi Ikarias  Departure to Patmos at 17:00.  Arrival in Patmos at 20:30
  • 1/7 – Departure  to Leros at 13:00.  Arrival in Leros at 16:00
  • 2/7 – Departure to Kos at 11:00.  Arrival in Kos at 15:00
  • 3/7 – Free day in Kos
  • 4/7 – Departure to Rhodes at 09:00. Arrival in Rhodes at 19:00
  • 5/7 – Free day in Rhodes
  • 6/7 – Departure to Prasonisi at 09:00 with a stop in Arhagelos of Lindos  Arrival in Prasonisi at 18:00 – 19:00 for an overnight
  • 7/7 – Departure to Karpathos at 09:00. Arrival in Karpathos at 14:00
  • 8/7 – Departure at 09:00 to Sitia of Crete. Arrival in Sitia at 19:00
  • 9/7 – Departure at 09:00 to Irakleio of Crete with a stop in Agios Nikolaos.  Arrival in Irakleio at 20:30
  • 10/7 – Free day in Irakleio
  • 11/7 – Departure at 09:00 to Santorini.  Arrival in Santorini at 18:00
  • 12/7 – Visit at the Volcano of Santorini and swim in the crystal clean water of the area.  Departure at 17:00 to Ios Arrival in Ios at 21:00
  • 13/7 – Departure at 15:00 to Paros. Arrival in Paros at 20:30
  • 14/7 – Departure to Kythnos at 14:00.  Arrival in Kythnos at 21:00
  • 15/7 – Departure at 12:00 to return to Kalamaki Marina of Athens. Arrival at Kalamaki marina at 19:30 and disembarkation


Info at charter@intercharter.com

Better a boat rental in “Early-booking” or in “Last-moment” ?

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Gulet_in_GreeceIs true that there is sometimes better discount in “last-moment”, but this did not worked at all last year because the European flights to Greece become so expensive in the last moment!
Example : no possible to find a flight for less than 1000 Euro, and now is around 200 or less.


So much better to use the actual “Early-booking” discount combined with flights at their lower price!

December is the last month to apply “Early-booking” discount for yacht charter.

That’s why is now the time to book a private gulet charter in the Greek islands

with InterCharter


Catamaran Lagoon 570 for charter in Greece (bareboat or crewed)

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Lagoon 570 | Dragoon One

*by Dragoon One staff

Dragoon One is a Lagoon catamaran with a length overall of 17 meters and a width of 9 meters.lagoon570

It’s possible to rent Dragoon One with a crew consisting of his captain for a perfect navigation and the hostess taking care of the internal management and for the kitchen or Bare Boat with only a sailor on board (included in price) for navigational support.

A holiday on Dragoon One ensures high comfort and a high level of service.

The port of departure of Dragoon One for 2014 season is the Greek port of Messolonghi, 40 km away from the port of Patras for those who come by boat from Bari / Brindisi and 70 km from Patras Araxos airport served by Ryanair. The yacht’s staff will take care of transportation to and from the port of arrival . The navigation area is mainly the Ionian Greece but the strategic location allows easy access to the Aegean Sea through the Strait of Corinth. Therefore, the possible routes are as follows:charter_grecia

  • Ionian Islands : Zakynthos, Lefkada, Kefalonia
  • Peloponnese and Kythira Islands , Alonissos and Crete
  • archipelago of Sporades : Alonissos , Skiathos , Skopelos, Skyros
  • Cycladic Archipelago

The route will be arranged with Dragoon One’s guests  according to their preferences and available time.

Itinerary 1: Peloponnesse – Kythira – Elafonissos


Peloponnese Itinerary includes the departure from the port of Messolongi, stop at the island of Zakynthos which is only 30 nm away. the island offers secluded coves with clear water combined to the bright colors of nature and typical local villages. Overnight sail to the port of Pylos (55 mg) a nice caracteristic greek fishing harbor, where you can enjoy fresh fish and tzatziki. Then, cross towards to the islands of Alonissos and Kythira (70 nm), with their beautiful bays and beaches.

Itinerary 2: Aegean Islands


The itinerary in the Aegean Sea is one of the most charming and typical in Greece. It touches some of the most renouned islands but it is also the most challenging, only suitable to passengers who like to sail in strong wind, because of the constant presence of the  “Meltemi” that sweeps the Aegean Sea in the summer months. You can get to the Aegean Sea either through the Strait of Corinth (but there’s a fee to pay) or by circumnavigating the Peloponnese. The itinerary allows you to touch islands such as Milos, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, etc. ..

Itinerary 3: Sporades – Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros


If you are prepared to sail long distances and your charter lasts at least 2 weeks , this itinerary (400 nm) will take you to the fascinating Sporades islands, the most genuine and typical of Greece. These islands are full of hidden coves and fishing harbors, with a very lively night life. There are numerous bars, parties and cocktails on the beach at sunset. Must pass through the Strait of Corinth!

Itinerary 4: Ionian Island Corfù, Cefalonia, Zante, Lefkada, Itaca, Citera


Quiet itinerary that leaves more time for stops and does not require many sailing hours per day. The Ionian islands are all close together and distances never exceeded the 40 nm. There are many bays with crystal clear waters and many marinas where to moor and enjoy a fish dinner!

Itinerary 5: Dodecannese


This route sails long distances but it is of great satisfaction. It is not recommended during the months of July and August though, due to the Meltemi, making it difficult to sail the way back. The distances are long and require at least 24 h running of navigation. You’ll be able to touch also the beautiful coast of Turkey, with the characteristic harbors of Bodrum and Marmaris.

Info: InterCharter


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Dear friends,
We are happy to announce that Intercharter wants to support the international public diplomacy campaign Repo(we)r Greece, that seeks to restore the credibility of Greece and confront the world’s negative perceptions of her people.
The campaign is crafting these messages out of the ingenuity and creativity that abound, as they are reflected in stories from key sectors of our economy, education and civil society. Through a variety of discussion events and programs with academic institutions, community organizations and think tanks across the world, these stories offer clear evidence that Greece is not the failures or special interests of the few but rather the talents and achievements of the many.
We invite you to visit www.repowergreece.com, discover simple ways to participate in this initiative and share our efforts.

Greece – Aegean Sea

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By chartering a yacht in Greece you can discover the places where Mediterranean history and culture come from.

Thousands of islands, between the Aegean and Ionian Sea, emerging from crystal clear waters, offer breathtaking views in a singleness of colors and scents. The possible routes are many and can fulfill all expectations.

Sample Itinerary


If you board your yacht in Athens, the first stop can be in Kea. From the little harbour, through picturesque arched alleys and classic Cycladic houses you can reach Chora. Built as an amphitheatre it impresses the visitor with its tile-roofed little houses, steep little streets paved in stone, and very nice churches. Charming little bays, covered in bushes, oleanders and laurel plants, open in succession along the west coast. The picturesque hamlet of Vourkari has excellent restaurants, specializing in fish based recipes including spaghetti served with lobster as well as a local version of bouillabaisse soup.










From Kéa, sail to Tinos, a mountainous, rugged island, famous for its 80 or so windmills and the stunning church of Panagia Evangelistria.


Mykonos is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. Totally whitewashed, cube-like buildings fit closely together to form a kind of chaotic maze of narrow alley ways and streets. The earthen colors of the bare hills surrounding the town’s gleaming whiteness create a stunning contrast with an incredibly blue sky and an even deeper blue sparkling sea.




The beautiful islands of Delos and Paros are approximately 28nm south of Mykonos. Delos is the mythological birth-place of Apollo and Artemis and is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in all of Greece. Paros is a popular tourist destination, known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and exciting night-life.










Not to be missed during your cruise in Greek is the island of Ios, a most appreciated tourist destination, not only for its famous golden beaches, including Mylopotas, Yialos, but also for the characteristic Aegean architecture of the monastery of St John and of some other fascinating churches. Ios is well known as the party island with a lively atmosphere and endless fun.








The present-day crescent shape of Santorini is a consequence of the activity of the volcano in prehistoric times, feeding the myth of the lost Atlantis. Santorini is essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion during the Minoan era. Santorini is dominated by a giant caldera that provides a deep and sheltered harbour.


Sifnos, the Island of Apollo, is a beautiful mountainous island, with fertile valleys, popular beaches and several delightful towns, including the medieval village of Kastro. Located on the east side of the island, Kastro is surrounded by thick walls that protect a labyrinth of tiny streets and passageways. The bay of Vathi always provides safe anchorage.