Cape Verde Archipelago

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capoverdeThe Islands of the Cape Verde Archipelago on the 25-cabin
Harmony V.

This island hopping cruise program unravels the intoxicating mixture of African and Portuguese heritage and welcoming locals.

Being blessed with a pleasant year-round climate, the archipelago offers a diverse range of landscapes from verdant mountain ranges, lush hills and jungles to explore, to volcanic landscapes or wide deserted beaches.

Sailing date: November 18, 2015

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Sailing vacations in the Exumas

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The Exumas


Experience all that The Exumas has to offer as we take you to some of the popular locations as well as some of the not so popular stops.

The cay is inhabitated with iguanas and other wildlife which make it great for snorkeling. Or you can take a hike through the large rocks and get a picturesque view of the sea.

See swimming pigs (don’t worry they are domesticated) on Major Spot’s Cay. Visit the isolated Bahamian National Park, Allans Cay, only reachable by boat!





les-iles-exumasOther island stops on The Exumas yacht charter include Warderick Wells, the hub of recreation and relaxation on the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Highbourne Cay offers eight beaches all within walking distance of the marina. Highbourne’s East beach is renowned world-wide for its beauty and is ranked as one of the best beaches in the Bahamas.


Sample Itinerary:

relicJust as a sneak peak, one day on the yacht consists of waking up to the delicious smell of breakfast. After a morning swim or spending time on a stand up paddle board, we hoist the sails for a relaxing trip to Norman Cay. Norman Cay is very unique in its history as it once was owned by Carlos Lehder, a known leader of a drug cartel who used the island for smuggling.

Fun fact: it was featured in the 2001 movie, “Blow” starring Johnny Depp. It is here where you can see the scene of a plane crash and take a look for yourself what lies beneath the sea…


After lunch, we make a short sail to Shroud Cay. Shroud Cay is a slow paced, uninhabited cay owned by Exuma Park. It is a slow paced cay due to the shallowness of the water and in respect for the abundance of plant and wildlife. There is also a short river ride we will take by dinghy where there is an exotic opening to the sea at the other end!

The Exumas all-inclusive package is the perfect opportunity to escape the winter blues with family or friends.






To get more details on The Exumas sample itinerary:

Yacht charter – Sea of Cortez – Baja California – Mexico

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Sea of Cortez, Baja California – Mexico

24330031Mexico combines stunning desert vistas with perfect sailing in the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. The famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once defined the waters of this region “the world’s aquarium,” and “the Galapagos of North America,” because of the wide variety of undersea marine life found in these calm bays and unspoiled offshore islands.

A fleet of 5 catamarans and 1 monohull sailboat lies at the exclusive Costa Baja resort in La Paz, in a top-class marina with dive shop, supermarket, restaurants, a fine golf course and a beach club.

La Paz means “peace” in Spanish, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this laid back coastal city that lies at 24 degrees 8 minutes north latitude and 110 degrees 18 minutes west longitude.

119041Although it is the region’s commercial and political center, La Paz remains a relaxed, easy-to-love port with a provincial atmosphere. Set amid ancient laurel trees and coconut and date palms, La Paz is surrounded by ochre colored desert.22735122

Streets radiate from the city’s northwest facing waterfront, the Paseo Alvaro Obregon. Running parallel to Paseo Obregon is the city’s stunning malecon, or waterfront promenade. Several blocks inland is the city’s main square, which features a pink quartz gazebo, tiled walkways and 19th century cathedral.

The city also features an assortment of resort hotels, golf courses, fine restaurants, as well as museums and restored colonial-era buildings.

Last Minute Charter in Maldives

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M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA – Last Minute Availability

DK-PW-13Many of you may still be experiencing a snowy winter, but warmer weather is just around the corner. If you are itching to dive the crystal clear waters like we are, you’re not far away from reaching the world’s most amazing DIVING destination. Come along, experience the ultimate diving cruise adventures with Maldives Leading Cruiser M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA – A lifestyle of Splendor!

We are Please to inform you that after several stop sales and due last minute cancellations we are having few dates available at our exclusive cruise M/Y DHAAINKAN’BAA  as follows:

MARCH    –  From 18 – 31 Mar, 2014

APRIL       –  From 01 – 30 Apr, 2014

MAY        –  From 01 – 31 May, 2014DK-PW-39

for info:   InterCharter

Visiting Premium Winemakers by Yacht in Croatia 1°

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The finest Dalmatians wine producers and their wine cellars are laying just “under your bow”.

We invite you to visit them and make your summer cruise expirience memorable and special by tasting top quality wines in the authentic atmosphere of the vineries.

Korta Katarina

Owners of the winery, Pam and Lee Anderson, are originally from USA, Minnesota. Enchanted by the beauty of Croatia, especially Dalmatia, they decided to start up business on Pelješac peninsula. In 2005 they bought old estate Riviera and launched their project.Along with estate they bought approximately 7 ha of the most prestigious vineyards in Dinga? and Postup regions.

First wines were made in 2006. The whole philosophy of Korta Katarina is based on producing world class wines from indigenous grape varieties. This is the first “state of the art” vinery project in the region. Korta Katarina portfolio includes Pošip, full body white wine, fruity and fresh Rose made of Plavac Mali and Zinfandel, then Plavac Mali, full body red wine from Dinga? and Postup vineyards aged for 12 months in French oak, and, finally, winery’s signature wine, Ruben’s private reserve, full body Plavac Mali from selected positions aged for 24 months in French oak.

About Winery

Besides regular sightseeing, winery offers wine testing served with local cheeses, cold cuts, marinated products, and extra-virgin olive oils. For those opened for gastro experience services of high quality chef are provided preparing for visitors a six-course meal paired with Korta Katarina wines. If one is eager on this kind of wine experience, three days prior announcement is necessary. The main beach Trstenica is right underneath the winery, offering attractive night life with clubs and bars. A great number of restaurants, cafes, bars, souvenir shop adorn the promenade leading from winery/beach along the coastline to the other part of the place.

GPS coordinates: 42°58’47,80”N, 17°11’36,71” E.

Anchoring: in front of the winery/hotel at recomanded distance of 250 m, another option is berth in Orebi? marina within 20 minutes walking distance.

Working hours: 8 to 16 on working days, Saturday as per appointment.

Winery capacity: 24 sitting places in testing room + 24 on the terrace.  099 815 16 55



Andro Tomi? was born on Hvar and has dedicated his life to wine. After twenty years of professional training at different faculties, institutions and wineries of  France, he decided to come back home to his island and produce his own wines. Being determined in his believes that Hvar , with his authentic varieties, convenient climate and exceptional locations of vineyards, can recover the long lost reputation in winemaking, he follows his 150 years old family tradition of winemakink. His legendary wines like “1991” have established Plavac as wine meritorious of world’s famous wine sorts and served as stepping stone to Hvar viticulture. In 1997 Andro founded company called Bastijana with main objective premium winemaking as well as promotion of the culture of wine.

About winery

The winery Bastijana organizes wine tasting in triclinium, a room decorated according to the old roman dining rooms. Before tasting the wine guests can enjoy sightseeing the winery and listening to the story of the winery and the viticulture of Hvar. Every wine sort is paried with the appropriate snaks in order to instruct the guests of harmony between food and wine. So this is an in home educational wine experience.

Winery does not host hospitality facility, though centre of Jelsa, with hotels, night clubs and gastro destinatins, is only 10 minutes walking from winery.





GPS coordinates: 43° 09’ 40” N, 16° 42’ 3” E.


Anchoring: port of Jelsa, walking distance 10-15 minutes.

Maximum anchoring depth: 3.5m, maximum vessel length: 35m, berths 22 boats.

Working hours: 7.00 to 19.00 (off  the working hours appointment is request).

tel 021 768 160  –  091 339 8995